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     NOTE: I am now adding a date in front of all raceways that I add in the future so we will know when they were added to the data base. Also, as I get time, I will begin adding a date to existing raceways that I am absolutely sure are still in operation. This way, you should be able to at least know that a raceway was working on the date in red. As always, any help you can give in this impossible task of keeping an up to date list of open raceways around the World will be greatly appreciated.... John Ford

Click below on which lane color you want. Hint: For a listing of the raceways in Texas, click on Purple, for Nebraska, click on blue... get the idea?

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If you're hitting the road to check out any of the the tracks listed here, make sure to toss a roadside emergency kit in your car before you leave. Even if you have a new, well-maintained car you never know when you'll be able to be someone's hero by whipping out the booster cables and jumping someone's dead battery. Or maybe you'll come to the rescue at the racetrack when someone burns themselves with a soldering iron by grabbing all the necessary supplies from the 50 piece first aid kit.

Got a raceway to add to this list...e-mail me the iNFO...jf